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Convergent Digital Media


In 2018-2019, projects were deemed convergent if the television program met one of the following three criteria:

  • it was complemented by one or several digital media (DM) components;
  • it was made available on a digital distribution platform non-simultaneously with its original broadcast (non-simultaneous streaming); or
  • it was made available on a CRTC-licensed video-on-demand (VOD) service.

The share of funding going towards convergent projects with DM components in 2018-2019 has fallen compared to the previous four years, particularly within the English market. In the measure of the number of projects, the share of projects with DM components has remained consistent at approximately 50% (all languages combined) for the past five years.  The difference in shares between funding and the number of projects shows that a small number of bigger-budget projects have accompanying DM components.


The Convergent Digital Media Incentive (CDMI) is designed to support the production of digital media projects with more significant budgets, scope and impact that are associated with CMF-funded television productions. This program is part of the Canada Media Fund’s (CMF) Convergent Stream. Funding from this program was allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The program is targeted to high-value projects, requiring a minimum $350K budget for English-language projects and a minimum $150K budget for French-language projects.  

The CDMI supported 44 projects in 2018-2019, an increase of three from last year, however, continuing a decline in digital media projects that began in 2016-2017. CDMI accounted for 38.5% of convergent DM funding. The average commitment in this incentive was 57.8% of project financing. The average budget for an English project was $579K, French projects averaged $230K per project. Total production budgets triggered by the CDMI declined to a five-year low.

Drama and Documentary projects received just over a third of CDMI commitments each in 2018-2019, $3.4M and $3.6M respectively. Children’s & Youth projects received $1.7M and the remainder of funds went to Variety & Performing Arts. English Drama had the highest average budget, at $713K per project over 5 projects.

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