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Sales and Export

The CMF requires all funded projects to report on sales in order to obtain consistent information on the success of CMF projects. Reported sales are for export and domestic markets. The reporting requirement began for 2012-2013 projects.

Convergent Stream

These sales are outside of the production financial structure and have been reported after delivery to the first broadcast window. Note that there is no independent means of verification of reported results. 

2,967 projects reported in 2018-2019. A total of 461 (15.5%) projects reported sales (greater than $0) from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 totalling $98.0M. In contrast, 2017-2018 had 2,147 projects reporting, with total sales of $99.5M. In 2018-2019, 298 projects with sales revenues were English and 151 were French, with 7 Aboriginal-language and four Mandarin-language projects, and one Cantonese project also reporting sales.

57 English Drama projects reported $43.1M in sales or 44.0% of the total, and the highest average sales per project of $757K. English Children’s & Youth projects were close in total sales at $37.8M (38.5%) for 71 projects, with a lower average sales value of $532K. 166 English documentaries reported sales, representing 36.0% of projects with sales, but only 9.4% of the dollar value, with an average sales of $56K per project.

French Drama reported $5.6M in sales for 64 projects, or 5.7% of all 2018 sales and an average sale of $87K per project. Other language-genre categories do not report significant sales.

The highest total sales revenue reported in 2018-2019 per English Drama project was $7.7M. In comparison for 2017-2018, the highest sales per project (Children’s & Youth) was at $9.6M. 2018-2019 English Children’s & Youth sales per project reached $6.9M and English Documentary had a sale at $1.7. French Drama projects sales reached $606K for an individual project. 

Projects reported sales to a wide variety of territories that covered the globe. The territories were as specific as Spain or as broad as the world excluding Canada. For statistical purposes the sales were aggregated by region in the chart above. The specific countries (not combined with any other country or region) with the greatest value of sales outside of World (except Canada), Canada, and the US, was the United Kingdom with $3.3M in sales reported. The highest average sale was for the World (except Canada) at $291K and the lowest average sale was $3K for Asia as a whole.

The number of projects reporting has increased each year until 2018, when a systems change delayed some reports until the subsequent year (they will be included in next year’s Annual Report). 2015 saw a multi-million dollar sale for one project to a US broadcaster. From 2016 to 2018, the amount of sales has stayed at a stable level.

Experimental Stream

Although rich interactive media and software recorded some sales, games reported the great majority of revenue in 2018-2019. Total sales reported in 2018-2019 were $86.0M for 95 projects. In 2017-2018, Experimental producers reported $60.7M in sales. The significant increase was due to one project reporting 87.0% of 2018-2019 sales. However, there was a very wide range in sales amounts, and the median sale per project was only $10K (in other words, half of 2018-2019 sales are under $10K per project).

The greatest amount of sales for a specified territory is Asia at $30.1M. Europe and the US are close to each other with $22.1M and $19.2M in 2018-2019 sales respectively. 97.0% of sales were from outside of Canada (although some Canadian sales may be in the All Countries category).

Although the trend appears to show increasing sales, most 2018-2019 sales were for one project and the median sale has dropped from $17K to $10K, therefore the trend is not showing true growth.

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